Dr Liz Burns

Training for Therapists in Cornwall

Training for Family Therapists

My work with families has always been complemented with training activities for family therapists at all levels, from the most introductory to the most advanced. My special interest is in Personal/Professional development (PPD). 

Most recently I was Convenor of the Intermediate Course in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice in Plymouth (Plymouth University in partnership with the former Plymouth PCT 2005-2012).

I continue to be involved in delivering systemic training locally. Current projects include:

  • a group for professionals in Cornwall who have some training in a family and systemic approach and are keen to develop their skills and possibly go on to further formal training;
  • a day workshop for psychiatrists who wish to gain a better understanding of family systems, and would like to gain a few basic skills.

I welcome enquiries about new initiatives to meet current teaching/learning needs.