Supervision and Services for Professionals


As a family and systemic psychotherapist of long and varied experience, I offer systemic supervision to individuals and groups working in the field. This may be part of training or a component of continuing professional development.

Supervision may be 'retrospective', which means you bring aspects of your practice to me and we talk about it, or ‘live’ as part of a clinical intervention.

'Live supervision' is important in systemic practice, and is an element of working jointly with colleagues as a team. It can be uniquely valuable and can enable therapeutic work to proceed quickly and effectively. Where it is used it will usually need careful arrangement, and agreement with your agency and with your clients. Live supervision is not necessarily familiar to people working in some settings, or with other approaches, so please feel welcome to call me to discuss. 

Supervision is an ongoing developmental process so, following a 'getting to know you' period we will agree to work together for a period of time.

Please contact me for further discussion.

Systemic consultation to practitioners

This may be a really helpful service, especially for professionals working independently or in agencies where a systemic presence is limited or absent. It would involve ‘bringing’ case(s) for discussion either as a one-off, or as part of an agreed series of consultations to the process of therapy or other systemic work.

Consultations can also be useful for particular situations, so may be agreed on an 'ad hoc' basis for one or two sessions only. 

Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

Systemic Consultation to Organisations

The thinking and skills of systemic practice apply to organisations as successfully as they do to families and other relationship groups. Problems with team working and relations between different organisational levels may also respond to a systemic approach.

My experience of organisational consultation has been gained over 20 years and, whilst I love meeting with families, I really relish the change of context when working in organisations. I bring a perspective which differs from many other organisational consultants and, to see if this is  appropriate for your situation, please contact me for further discussion.